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Much of the rule breakers, aren’t we? Rules are meant to be broken. But then again in order to break the rules, you first need to know the rules. In the world of today, we do not even know whether there ever existed any rules of weddings in the first place. All that comes to our minds are the venues, perfect photographers, dazzling accessories, one of their kind and modest wedding dresses. But there are some old school rules or etiquettes that we must follow no matter if we are the host or the attendant.

Here are a few rules or I would rather say wedding manners you should know if you are the couple.

  1. Be very careful with the invitations for instance if you are not intending on inviting someone on your big day, never ever invite them to the pre-wedding rituals like bridal showers or dance practices.
  2. If a person excuses beforehand and they can’t attend your big day for some reason that does not at any cost means that you don’t send them an invite. This leads to them thinking that they are no more being looked forward too at your big day.
  3. Always mention on the invite how many people should attend. If you want to invite someone along with their family mention it clearly on the invitation card.
  4. It is considered offensive to send the cards and thank you over text messages or phone calls. No matter how busy you are always take out time to send those invitation cards to the houses of the people you are inviting and make sure not to miss anyone.
  5. The wedding is an event where we show our care towards the people we are thankful to for coming, by serving them with the most tasteful food we can get our hands on but what we often forget is to feed our vendors. Always remember that these are the people who add life to our events and without them, the big day could end up being a disaster. So give them special attention and make sure to feed all of them. You can instruct your caterer to serve them food on time as you will probably be busy.
  6. Never forget to send back thank you notes personally to all the people who took out time and got gifts for you.

The rules are not only for the hosts but also for the guests to follow as well

  1. If the card has a clear mention of the man and his wife don’t ask if you can bring your children or not. If the host wanted to invite the children they would have mentioned it on the card. Asking such questions is considered rude so instead of doing so arrange a baby sitter instead. Or you may find a polite reason to ask.
  2. Very common courtesy is to arrive at the ceremony venue on time. However, nowadays it is considered as a trend to come late to an event and leave an impression of being a busy person who can hardly make it to someone’s special day. But the etiquettes suggest such behavior be rude. If someone has considered you important enough to join them on their life turning event, be courteous enough to be there on time and show how much it matters to you.
  3. Try to be more involved in the wedding than on the phone. It is in general not seen as a correct manner to be on your phone in any sort of gathering.
  4. Don’t wear a white or red dress on the big day as it is specifically reserved for the bride. The bride has the right to steal all the thunder there is on her wedding day. And honestly, no one else has the right to wear a similar color as the bride unless asked by the bride too.
  5. Most of us go to the wedding mainly for the after party but don’t skip the ceremony. That is another old school but a very logical rule that you should not miss the “I do’s”.
  6. Sure there is an open bar at the receptions but that does not mean that you are actually at a club. Don’t get too drunk. Enjoy your drinks but be careful to stay sober enough that you are able to talk to people and reach your house safe.

Author Bio: Sara sheikh is a professional engineer and loves to design and embraces modesty in everyday life. She founded covered bliss in 2013.

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